Buy Something, Will ya!
Scram, we’re closed!
Buy weapons, armor, implants and upgrades! each crewmember has a budget of 10000 credits to
spend at their leisure.
You may also spend points of your LUCK permanently for a one-time bonus of 1000 credits per point of luck. this may be done a maximum of five times, and CAN lower your luck below 0.
All party members also have the Standard issue gear of one (1) laser pistol with the Stun modification, one (1) suit of Light trooper armor, and one handheld comm-link. Viiron also get a free Breathing mask.
You may choose to decline the armor for a voucher of 1000C off of purchasing an alternative armor.
Additionally, the crew gets one (1) Portable Scanner for use on surface missions or infiltrating enemy controlled ships/space stations. it detects Oxygen levels, pressure, radiation, heat, subspace particles, and more!
Note that the price of armor for a Taraagu or Klikskith is 50% higher cost than for another race.

Melee Weapons:
Scattergun Gauntlet
B/F-3000 P-5000
It has a pressure plate on the knuckles and a sawed-off shotgun on the back of the hand.
DMG: 1+Scattergun of same type
Sawblade Gauntlet
2000C apiece
It has a Buzzsaw attatched to the back that can extend a couple inches forward. this thing is dangerous.
DMG-3 Physical+1/second contact is maintained
It’s a sword. with a laser for a blade. what don’t you understand. ??
DMG-_ Laser
Laserblade Gauntlets
5000 apiece
??They’re flexible gauntlets with outward facing Laserblades built onto the back of the wrist. ??
1 Physical+_ Laser
Taser Knuckles
??they’re brass knuckles with a taser built into each one.

2 Physical+2 electric
Now Powered by a tiny Protonic Reactor! WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN PROTONIC REACTOR.
2 Physical+2/second contact is maintained

each ranged weapon has a string of letters following it, this indicates what different types of projectile are availible in that type of weapon. the different variants of the gun also cost varying amounts of credits, the variant prices are listed below each weapon.

Pistol (B-L-P-E-X)
(all pistols except Plasma cost 1000. plasma costs an additional 500)
Revolver (B-P-F-X)
B-1000 F-1250 P-2000 X-1500
Rifle (B-L-P-X)
B-1500 L-1500 P-2000 X-2000
Scattergun (B-P-F)
B/F-3000 P-5000
B/F-up to 8
P-up to 10
Sniper Rifle (B-L-P-X)
B-4000 L-5000 P-7000 X-ILLEGAL
B/L-3000 X-5000 (Note-you also need to get a special liscense costing an additional 1000 credits to use an explosive SMG)
B/L/X-1 per bullet. fires 6 bullets per round.
Assault Rifle (B-L-X)
B/L/X-2 per bullet. fires 8 bullets per round
Minigun (B-L)
B/L-8000 (note that a minigun liscense is also required. they cost 2000 credits)
B/L-3 per bullet. fires 10 bullets per round
Flamethrower (F)
F-deals damage as per fire scattergun, but ignites targets dealing that much DMG.
(up to 8)
Mining Laser (L)
the most powerful handheld lasers on the market, most often used to slice through chunks of rock in mining operations.
10 DMG/rnd

Standard Grenade
Explodes dealing 6 Physical damage with 1D3 pieces of shrapnel, each dealing 3 physical.
Blast Radius-3×3 cross
Flash Grenade
Temporarily blinds anyone looking at it unprotected. deals no damage, and does produce shrapnel.
Taser Grenade
Explodes in a shower of tiny Tazers. releases 10D5 tiny tazers, which act as shrapnel. they each deal 1 electrical damage.
Incendiary Grenade
FIRE EVERYWHERE…in the blast radius. Explosion deals 3 physical damage, but starts an intense blaze (3 Fire/second), in addition to releasing 1D3 pieces of flaming shrapnel, each dealing 2 Physical and 2 fire DMG.
Blast Radius-3×3 square
Shrapnel Grenade
it’s like a normal grenade, only more shrapnel. Explosion deals 7 physical damage, and releases 2D4 pieces of shrapnel, each dealing 4 physical.
Blast Radius-3×3 cross
Napalm Grenade
sort of like a normal grenade mixed with an incendiary. the explosion deals 4 physical damage, starts an intense blaze (3 fire/second), AND explodes with 1D4 pieces of sticky burning-napalm-covered shrapnel, dealing 1 physical damage, but also being on fire dealing 1 fire damage per second of contact, and taking a full round to remove. not only that, but burning napalm is significantly more difficult to put out…
Blast Radius-3×3 square
Plasma Grenade
this grenade explodes in a shower of plasma. the explosion deals 10 plasma damage and releases 1D4 pieces of plasma (shrapnel) that deal 4 plasma damage apiece.
Blast Radius-4×4 round

Rocket Launcher
it’s a rocket launcher-OF THE FUTURE. and by that I mean there have been technological advancements allowing for significantly smaller rockets. it holds four rockets ans launches them one at a time. reload speeds pretty slow though. 10 physical damage, 1D3 3 DMG shrapnel. takes a full round to reload.
Blast Radius-5×5 round
Plasma Rocket Launcher
It fires a PLASMA ROCKET. unfortunately it only holds one, and the rocket is bulky even by pre-space race rocket launcher standards…but it packs a massive punch. 20 Plasma Damage, 1D6 Plasma (shrapnel) dealing 6 plasma damage apiece.
Blast Radius-6×6 round
Protonic Rocket Launcher
this is a single, compressed proton torpedo. Point away from face. 30 armor-piercing damage. no shrapnel.
Blast Radius-8×8 round

Weapon Mods
Stun Function (Pistols only)
this adds an alternative mode of fire to the pistol, dealing no damage, but stunning the target if they do not make a successful CON check.
Serration (Bladed physical melee weapons only-a Taraagu with the steel claws implant can take this as well.)
Adds vicious serrations to the weapon, increasing DMG by 1 and increasing the chance of bleed by 20%.

Standard Armor:
Structural Integrity Suit (REALLY REALLY LIGHT)
a light jumpsuit with a hood, designed to protect your body from structural disruption, such as disintegration, high pressure or gravity, or the harmful effects of subspace particles. the suit deactivates when it is not in contact with a living body, and many wear one beneath a suit of power armor for added protection. one can also have the suit padded for a small amount of protection. note that this does not confer complete immunity, only partial resistance.
Phys: 1 Fire: 1 Laser: 1 Plasma: 1 Electric: 4

Light Trooper Armor (LIGHT)
A suit of synthesized rubberlike fibers, made to protect against physical attacks and shrapnel.
Phys: 6 Fire: 1 Laser: 1 Plasma 1 Electric: 6 Cold: 1

Medium Trooper Armor (MEDIUM)
Made out of a compound Fiber plate, made to provide more protection than the light variant.
Phys: 6 Fire: 2 Laser: 4 Plasma: 3 Electric: 1 Cold: 0

Heavy Trooper Armor (HEAVY)
Made out of titanium plates and magnets, which, as everyone knows, disrupt subspace particles.
Phys: 10 Fire: 0 Laser: 6 Plasma: 6 Electric: 0 Cold: 0

Nanofiber armor (LIGHT)
??made out of nanoscopic fibers of various materials, making a tough yet lightweight fabric. ??
Phys: 5 Fire: 0 Laser: 3 Plasma: 3 Electric: 4 Cold: 4

Advanced Trooper Armor (MEDIUM)
A specialized suit covered in tiny hexagonal plates, providing good protection while retaining flexibility.
Phys: 6 Fire: 2 Laser: 5 Plasma: 5 Electric: 3 Cold: 0

Heat Suit: (HEAVY)
A Suit of Heavy Industrial Armor designed for work in extreme heat, such as in Volcanoes, dangerously close to Stars, or in Spaceship Foundries.
Phys: 8 Fire: 15 Laser: 5 Plasma: 5 Electric: 4 Cold: 3

Power Armor:
Stealth Suit (LIGHT, POWER)
a lightweight armored jumpsuit with the ability to cloak for up to five minutes at a time (although it takes twice as long to recharge by itself).
Phys: 4 Fire: 1 Laser: 5 Plasma: 1 Electric: 7 Cold: 2

Light Power Armor (LIGHT, POWER)
Phys: 8 Fire: 0 Laser: 5 Plasma: 4 electric: 2 Cold: 0

Medium Power Armor (MEDIUM, POWER)
Phys: 10 Fire: 0 Laser: 6 Plasma: 6 Electric: 3 Cold: 0

Industrial Power Armor (MEDIUM, POWER)
cheap but durable power armor typically used in large construction or demolition projects
Phys: 9 Fire: 5 Laser: 4 Plasma: 4 Electric: 5 Cold: 5

Heavy Power Armor (HEAVY, POWER)
Phys: 15 Fire: 0 Laser: 7 Plasma: 7 Electric: 3 Cold: 0

Biohazard Suit
Phys: 9 Fire: 9 Laser: 5 Plasma: 4 Electric: 9 Cold: 4
Special: This armor not only comes with a built-in breathing mask and air tank, it’s also completely airtight aside from the breathing mask, which can be sealed with the push of a button. not only that, but it’s also heavily radiation shielded.

Armor Modifications:
note that you cannot take any armor upgrades more than once per suit of armor
Armor Spikes
Vacuum Sealing (Heavy Armor/Power Armor Only)
Price: 1000c
Air Tank
Price: 1000c
Built-in Gun (any type except sniper rifles, only pistol can be applied to non-power armors)
cost of weapon+1000c
Builds a weapon into your armor.
Comm-Link (all power armors come with a built-in comm-link)
Pruice: 100c
Temperature Regulation Systems (Power armor only)
Price: 700c
+5 Vs. Fire, Cold
Armor Insulation
Price: 500c
+5 Electric Protection
Reflective (Heavy Armors Only)
Price: 1500c
50% chance of reflecting Lasers that hit it
Nitrogen Threading
Price: 1500c
+10 Fire protection, -10 Cold protection
unless you’re going crazy with holograms and such, the cost is trivial.

Rocket Boots (can be added to armor)
ForceDisc Generator(can be built into armor)
This device generates a circular forcefield, with the device at the center. it has many uses, the most common of which is to have it built into a bracer or a glove and utilize it as a high-tech shield that can block lasers and some weak plasma weaponry.
Flashlight (can be added to armor or light-medium weapons)
The price is low enough that it’s trivial.
Grappling hook Gun (can be built into power armor)
Handheld Com-Link
it’s a comm-link
Med-Gel (small canister)
Apply to open wound. heal 3 HP to one location, +1 for every 10 points of medical science the person applying it has.
Med-Gel (first aid kit)
Apply to open wound. heal 6 HP, divided amongst any number of hit locations, +1 for every 10 points of medical science the person applying it has.
Toxin Mask
A heavy full-face mask with a large triple-air filter, allowing the wearer to breathe safely in all but the most inhospitable atmospheres. can be built into armor.
Breathing Mask
A smaller, lightweight breathing mask for everyday use. allows one to breathe in a mildly toxic environment or, in the case of the Viiron, breathe air.
Dampener Manacles
Price: 1000c
Effectively space handcuffs, these high-tech manacles have a suppression device built into them, which prevents the usage of psionic powers, and Viiron electrical abilities.
Mini Cloaking device
It’s a little cloaking device, typically disguised as a bracelet, or in a pen or something. it’ll cloak you for 10 minutes, after which the battery will burn out.
Lobe Lode
A tiny, tiny device that generates an electro-magnetic field around the user, with the intent of shielding the user from various types of signals, effectively making them immune to most sensors. the name is inspired by the fact that they were originally hidden in earrings, hence the wordplay on earlobe and lodestone.
WARNING: using this device within a Viiron static electric field may have unintended side effects.
Magnetic Boots
For those of you so inclined to walk on the outside of a moving spaceship.

Bionic Replacement Limb
a mechanical replacement arm/leg. the replacement limb has 1 Higher HP than the normal arm, and unarmed attacks iwth that arm increase damage by 1. this HP bonus does not stack with a Taraagu’s natural HP bonus, and the additional damage does not stack with the Steel Claws implant.
partial limbs cost up to 50% less.
Replacement limbs for a Taraagu cost twice as much.
Bionic Replacement Limb Armor Plating
+3 Protection vs. all except fire and cold, but only for the bionic limb.
Bionic replacement limb …
Bionic replacement Limb-Rocket Hand
allows you to detatch the hand and fly it around using tiny rockets. it is remotely controlled via your mind. Sometimes piloting the rocket hand will require a fly check, all fly checks for the hand are at -5%.
A thin, flexible PDA device designed to be implanted into the forearm just below the skin. when activated the buttons and screen glow through the skin, typically a light blue color, but the color is purely cosmetic. Taraagu and Klikskith cannot take this implant.
Bionic Eyes
Eye augment-nightvision
eye augment-infravision
eye augment-zoom function
Gieger Counter Implant
Just in case you needed to be absolutely sure that there is radiation in space.
Steel Claws (Taraagu Only)
This replaces a Taraagu’s natural claws with identical claws made of solid steel, increasing DMG by 1.
Superheated Claws (Taraagu only, requires steel claws)
This Implant allows the Taraagu to heat their Steel claws up to a maximum of 650F. this implant is only made possible due to insulation and an advanced cooling system that uses liquid nitrogen to keep the Taraagu’s flesh from cooking. This adds 5 fire DMG to the Taraagu’s claws.
Retractable Claws (Non-Taraagu)
This implant gives you retractable claws in your hands (the price is increased by 50% to add feet as well). these claws deal 2 DMG.
Poison Glands (Paralytic)
These are artificial poison glands that excrete an unpleasant poison that causes temporary paralysis. this poison must be applied to an open wound, or otherwise given access to the bloodstream (Spit it in their eyes!) to be effective. these glands can be placed anywhere you choose, most commonly in the mouth or used in conjunction with the retractable claws implant.
Poison Glands (Lethal)
These artificial poison glands contain a deadly poison, which can cause death within twenty minutes if an antidote is not applied.
Cybernetically enhanced musculature
Incrreases STR and DEX by 2

Robot Augmentations:
Built in Jetpack/Jet Boots
Human Appearance
built-in Geiger Counter
Rocket Hands
Backup generator
a small backup generator in case you run out of fuel for the primary one. typically the backup uses a different fuel source, such as a subspace powered robot with a backup Rejjum reactor.
Cloaking Device
A built-in cloaking device. functions for up to 20 minutes before needing to recharge.
Self-Destruct mechanism
Now you can explode!

(each crewmember may only purchase ONE item from the special list)
Ultra Power Armor
(made of a rare, incredibly durable metal. comes with rocket boots/jetpack, electrical insulation, a built-in laser pistol in each arm, comm-link, vacuum sealing and oxygen tank, and temperature regulation systems.)
Phys: 15 Fire: 0(5) Laser: 8 Plasma: 8 Electric: 5(10) Cold: 0 (5)
Transformative bionic replacement arm (TBRA)
The TBRA is a highly advanced piece of shapeshifting technology, and can be transformed into any basic tool (screwdriver, saw, hammer, lockpicks, knife, etc), comm-link, and two other special transformations (chosen from the list below). Note that, with the exception of improved durability, you cannot use any of the transformations while wearing medium or heavy armor, unless you’ve specifically removed that sleeve.
-Freeze Ray (great for making ice bridges, temporary barriers or stopping enemies. it can only be used for up to three rounds before needing to recharge, it takes 3 hours to recharge one round of freeze ray)
-Sonic Disruptor
A specialized piece of technology that is only possible thanks to the morphic capabilities of the TBRA. it generates a barely audible, incredibly high pitched noise that shatters glass, disrupts various wireless signals, and can cause temporary deafness to anyone within the cone of directed sound.

The TBRA can extend up to 17 ft long, allowing you to grab objects from a distance or use it as an emergency grappling hook.

-Extreme Durability
This isn’t actually a transformation, it just increases the bonus HP of the TBRA from 1 into 3 points.

-Rocket Punch
Ordinarily strapping rockets to your fist and using them to increase the power of a punch will work, but then you have a dislocated shoulder and several pulled muscles, meaning that it’s really only good for one strike. With the TBRA, it actually bends and stretches to mitigate the physical strain from giving someone a rocket punch. This increases the damage of a punch with the TBRA by 2.

Mjolnir Mk.III
An advanced piece of Voltaic technology, the Mjolnir delivers an impressive 16,000 volt charge with every hit. Additionally, it can Unleash a devastating bolt of lightning, however it can only do this once before becoming depleted and needing to recharge for up to 48 hours.
DMG: 5 Electric, 5 Physical. lightning bolt: 15 electronic, fries unprotected electronics.
Compact Exomecha
??It’s oft debated whether this device is a tiny, tiny mech, or an unusually large suit of power armor. It takes the form of a large rectangular box made of white metal, with a harness on one side.

And then, on the less than legal side of the market, we have…

Red Rush (Also known as Jolt)
humanity has always sought ways to go faster. in the past it was just adrenaline, but then things like caffiene and other such substances were discovered. now, we have people who snort powdered Rejjon crystals for a massive energy rush that lasts for hours. it can be addictive if used often enough, and it’s fairly expensive, due to the fact that it’s made from spaceship fuel. though invented by humans, it works on all of the races, with the exception of Klikskith. Taraagu and Viiron metabolize differently, so it takes twice as long to kick in, and Dhirj, with their hyperaccelerated metabolism, have an almost immediate effect, but the effects don’t last as long for them, only an hour, at most.
ONSET: instant for Dhirj, 20 minutes for Taraagu and Virron, 10 minutes for all others.
SIDE EFFECTS: Bloodshot eyes,
LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS: Long term users are often impulsive and impatient, and their eyes frequently develop red flecks.

Seer / Brain Juice
When humans first encountered the Zhirox, there was a lot of xenophobia. So, unsurprisingly, there were some unpleasant experiments done involving Zhirox captives, performed by some of the more unscrupulous scientists. one result of these experiments was a concoction made of a variety of stimulants, psychoreactive substances and Zhirox blood. When injected, it gives the user temporary psychic powers, but also puts the user in a strange dreamlike state, in which they feel detatched from their surroundings, as if they were watching a movie, and none of these things were actually happening around them. it also clouds their peripheral vision. Seer is highly, highly illegal within the Galactic Empire, since it’s made of Zhirox blood. though some ruthless drug lords have captive Zhirox that they use for such nefarious purposes, most of the time it’s from a willing, down on their luck Zhirox who sold some of their blood for some quick cash.
BENEFITS: 1D3 psionic powers, chosen at random each time, for 2 hours, or until all psionic points are used up, at which point the user lapses into unconsciousness.
SIDE EFFECTS: user must make a ME check every time they attempt to do anything other than basic actions such as standing, sitting, drinking or eating something that’s been handed to them, or using psionic abilities. -__ Perception for as long as the drug is in effect. When the effects wear off, they temporarily lose one point of ME for every two power points spent. if all points have been spent, the user falls unconscious for 6-8 hours. the same occurs if the user has only one point remaining at the end of the duration. every 6-8 hours of rest is enough to recover half your total ME (the unconsciousness caused by the drug will only restore two points of ME, regardless of its duration), so two nights of rest will fully recover your ME.
side note: This drug’s benefits only apply to Humans, Eylit, and, oddly enough, purple Klikskith, who ingest it. Zhi-Val who take Seer actually get a completely different effect, instead getting a highly addictive ecstacy high with none of the normal side effects.

A strange, cylindrical sea plant native to Septuun-5, home of the Viirons. when chewed, it releases a mix of chemicals that cause a large increase in cognitive ability for a short time. it was originally used by sparingly by Viiron scientists, but it has since spread to other species, though it’s still most commonly found among scientists and reasearchers.


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