Stat Modifiers:
HUMAN: LUCK rolls-D8+1
ZHIROX: +5 ME, LUCK rolls-D8-4
TARAAGU: +5 STR, +5 CON, -5 INT, -5 PER
VIIRON: +5 INT, +5 PER, -5 STR, -5 CON
EYLIT: +2 APP, +2 CHA, -2 PER, -4 ME
DHIRJ: +5 SPD, +2 DEX, +5 PER, -5 CON, -5 INT

Racial Height/Weight:
Humans: 5’6-6’5 130-200
Zhirox: 4’10-6 120-190
Zhi-Val: 5-6 130-180
Klikskith: 5’10-6’6 100-150
Taraagu: 6-7 300-500
Viiron: 7-8’2 130-180
Eylit: 6-7 130-180
Dhirj: 3’9-4’10 60-80

Food consumption rate: (x1 is equivalent to normal human)
Human x1
Zhirox x1
Zhi-Val x0.75
Klikskith x1.5
Taraagu x2
Viiron x0.5
Eylit x0.75
Dhirj x4

Playable races:
the most common of the known sentient races, Humans are, well, Human. they get no penalties or bonuses to their stats, except for they ignore the penalty for your luck, and get a +1 bonus.

A race of hairless, dark bluish humanoids with prehensile tails and psionic powers. they get a +5 to mental endurance (ME) and psionic abilities, but take a -2 to luck (in addition to the normal penalty).
Psionic points:
you choose three psionic powers from the Market section.
additionally, can do a simple scan on something, mentally determining its basic condition. (alive, dead, wounded, prominent emotion) this can be used at any time but in combat takes a round to perform.
for each point of ME, you get one psionic point. each power costs a certain number of points to use.
points can be replenished through rest or meditation, with rest restoring at 2 points for every two hours, and meditation restoring 3 per hour.

The Origins of the Zhi-Val are uncertain. the most popular theories are that they are either a genetic offshoot of the Zhirox, or that they are the end result of some mad science experiment using Zhirox DNA. the only certainty is that they are related to the Zhirox.
the Zhi-Val resemble both Zhirox and Humans to some degree. they have the blue skin natural to all Zhirox, but lack tails, and unlike their cousins, the Zhi-Val have hair, which ranges in coloration anywhere from pure white, to sky blue or even magenta. their eyes are among their more unusual features, being huge, slanted, and a single, solid color (usually a shade of pink or light purple, but occasionally red or even black). these eyes give them the ability to see even in pitch black, and excellent vision, giving them +5 on perception checks and the ability to see in the dark. another notable thing about them is that their feet consist of two long toes, which they walk on the tips of, like a cat. this gives them +5 SPD, but they have poor balance, giving them a -10 on any check to keep their balance. the final and most important ability they have, the ability that makes them feared and outcast by other races, is the ability to gain skills by consuming the brains of others. by eating the brain of another sentient, non-Zhi-Val, creature, they learn a random skill that the brain donor knew. if that person was highly knowledgeable about a particular field, they are far more likely to learn some of that skill (such as eating the brain of a pilot would most likely give them the knowledge of how to pilot a certain type of starship). they CAN learn psionic abilities by eating the brains of Zhirox in this manner. they have psionic points equal to their ME, but do not begin play with any psionic abilities aside from the basic psychic scan that the Zhirox can perform.
Note that the Brain must be at least somewhat fresh, either within one day of the creature’s death or if it has been well-preserved, although the preserving fluids may be toxic when eaten. adittionally, the drawback of this ability is that it can sometimes give the consumer the brain’s mental defects or even shreds of personality or memories, which can also lead to insanity. instances fo this are rare, however.
The Zhi-Val are the bogeymen of the Zhirox race, the name Zhi-Var literally translates to ‘Bad Ones’. they are feared by those who know of them, although they are most non-zhirox people are unfamiliar with them. they’re generally outcast from society, and, lacking a planet of their own, are most often found hiding in human society, covering their large eyes and other unusual features the best they can.

These Strange, Spider-like creatures have very little in common with the other races, having a language of clicks and pheremones incomprehensible to others (hence being referred to as ‘Klikskith’). however, their four arms, chitinous hide and high agility make them excellent scouts. they get a +3 bonus to armor due to their exoskeletons, as well as a +5 to Dexterity and Agility, but a -5 to Appearance and Charisma due to their alien nature. additionally, they have four arms, giving them a +4 bonus in situations where they would be highly useful (climbing, grappling, etc.). There are several different species of Klikskith, with the normal tan Klikskith being the most common.
The actual name of their species, at least what they call themselves, is something along the lines of CicadaNoise-Pheremone1-Insectlyhissing-SeriesOfClicks-Pheremone2-buzzingNoise-Pheremone1

Broad, Tough, and Strong creatures from a rocky planet with very strong gravity. Their height averages 6-6’5, and weighing about 300-500lbs., skin ranging from coal-gray to reddish-brown, and very long lifespans, ranging from 350-400 years. They are a species evolved to burrow, with huge spade-like claws on both hands, and a smaller, third arm in the middle of their torso for finer manipulation. due to the effects of prolonged exposure to extreme gravity and their burrowing nature, their tusked heads are recessed into their chests, jutting forward a bit, and have bony plates on the top, going down their spines all the way to the tips of their short tails to keep soil out of their faces. Unfortunately, as a side effect, their skulls are very thick, and have reduced brain capacity. their thick hides provide some protection. Female Taraagu also possess tusks, but they’re much smaller than the male’s, and blunter.
Every four years is mating season for them, and the males come to the surface to rut over potential mates.
+5 CON, STR, -5 INT, PER, burrow at twice their SPD, huge, spade like claws, (Claws Deal 3 DMG) HP is raised by one step. +1 natural AC

Class-C Automaton:
The Standard Humanoid Model of Sentient Robots. Unlike other races, they do NOT roll for stats (Except luck), and instead all stats are considered to be 0 (except for INT and ME, which are considered to be 14), and get 85 points to distribute amongst their stats. no physical or mental stat can be raised above 25. Additionally, C-Class Automatons get access to various Modifications instead of Implants, and the only limit to how many you can have is your money. The model and deisgn can vary wildly, but all C-Class Automatons have these features in common: 1-A built-in light system, can be activated and deactivated at-will. 2-a small, rechargeable Protonic Battery, and some form of fuel-intake system. 3-Waterproofing, and 4-various plugs and sockets with which to interface with electronics.
please note that they do not need to breathe because they are ROBOTS.

A race of tall (7-8 ft), aquatic humanoids with skin ranging from light gray to pale green, often mottled as well. they have very long skulls and huge eyes, giving them excellent vision and intelligence. Perfectly adapted to an underwater environment, they can breathe underwater, (although not out of the water, where they need a special breathing mask) and only need to make swim checks in the direst of aquatic circumstances. an important thing to know about the Viiron is that they possess the unusual ability to both manifest and control small amounts of electricity, allowing them to power devices, enhance their melee attacks, or generate a weak electric field to scramble signals and stun or kill small creatures. these abilities are all significantly more effective in an aquatic environment, due to the conductive qualities of water.
+5 INT, PER, -5 CON, STR. SPD is halved on land, but doubled in water. (in the event that you must wade through deep water, they will move at normal speed, without any penalty for walking in deep water). 5 natural electrical resistance.

The only (playable) biological race that didn’t evolve naturally. The Eylit were created by humans about 80 years ago to be, for all intents and purposes, Human 2.0. this ended badly, with the Eylit having a very high rate of insanity or other mental issues. they average a few inches taller than most humans, and each have a pair of feathery wings on their backs. in general they are more attractive and charismatic than most, but tend to be self-obsessed and have strange mental problems. they are less common than other races for obvious reasons.
+2 CHA and APP, -2 PER, -4 ME, Flight, eyes reflect light, similarly to a cat, giving them low-light vision.

A species of small, predatory creatures with an incredibly high metabolism, hailing from the land masses on the planet Septuun-5, the same planet the Viiron are from. but while their aquatic neighbors were building kingdoms beneath the greenish water, the Dhirj were living the same way they always had-hunting and eating anything that moved, sometimes including eachother. they are great hunters, with sharp, vicious teeth, lightning fast frog-like tongues, and speed only matched by the Klikskith. but their impressive speed has its drawbacks-their bones are hollow, and break easily. however, this does make them great climbers and jumpers, giving them a +5 to checks made to jump or climb. they have exceedingly high metabolisms, and must eat far more than any other race, but have powerful jaws with strong teeth, and can digest just about anything that they can fit down their throats. this lead to Septuun-5’s land-based Ecosystem being decimated, until the Viiron sent a large quantity of them off-world to give their planet some time to recover.
the large amount of muscle in their jaws has unfortunately led to less space for brain matter in their snouted heads.
Also their tongues are purple.
+5 PER, +5 SPD, +2 DEX, -5 INT, -5 CON. Bite DMG: 3.


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