For the Past 500 years, unified under the Galactic Empire, humans have been exploring the many galaxies of the universe. numerous new species have been discovered, including several sentient races, and technology has advanced beyond the scope of our own universe and into the world of subspace beyond.
But despite all these accomplishments, there is not peace.

there are often skirmishes over territory, and occasionally larger battles, typically between the Galactic Empire and The Reef.

In order to understand the situation, we have provided breifings on both factions and specific races.

We’ve come a long way since we first made rockets to take us to the stars.
Back then, we could only make it to the moon.
Now we cross galaxies in the blink of an eye.
Humanity is united under the Galactic empire. Many still live on earth, but people often leave to explore the stars. Earth is not the center of human population, but it’s still our home. it’s where we evolved, and no matter how far we go, nothing will ever change that.
Most humans live on the Trygon, a trio of formerly uninhabitable worlds terraformed into planetwide metropolises, the primary base of the Empire.

also France never existed.

The Taraagu have no concept of ‘money’, and do not have a strong urge to explore. the primary reason most Taraagu leave their home planet, Thris, is because the Reef has claimed their planet so that they can mine Rejjum crystals, and have so far been extremely oppressive of the Taraagu. virtually all of the Taraagu have been forced into large, guarded camps, with little food or freedom. Most Taraagu are given a choice: stay in the camps, or join the Reef’s Military. many refuse, staying on their home planet with their families, but many also accept this offer, frequently sending their earnings back home so that their families may live better. occasionally a Taraagu will try to escape, but these attempts rarely succeed, typically foiled by the ‘Restraint Collars’ that the Reef put on their necks. these collars will heavily sedate and/or electrocute any Taraagu who manages to get beyond the forcefields around the camps.

The Viiron are a race of highly intelligent aquatic creatures from the planet Septuun-5. It did not take them terribly long to develop ships to take them to planets beyond their own, and many of the early ships launched had peaceful intentions. however, not long after their first few waves of outgoing ships, there was a change in rulership, and now almost all Viiron ships are controlled by the Reef.
Though the Viiron are not physically strong, what they lack in strength they make up for in intelligence and vision, making powerful new technologies. their excellent eyesight makes them great snipers, although they aren’t as good at moving around on land.
The Viiron also discovered Rejjum crystals, vivid red crystals used as a power source for many things, particularly starships. They could be used for powering weapons as well, but Viiron weapons often utilize their natural electric abilities as a power source. some actually enhance these abilities to make them more effective-and more dangerous.

The Zhirox were the first sentient life discovered by the Galactic Empire. Relations between the Humans and Zhirox are significantly better than with the other sentient races, due to their similarities, and the Zhirox joined the Galactic Empire long ago. They remain much more spiritual than most humans, likely due to their natural psionic abilities.

The Diminutive Dhirj are land-dwelling predators from Septuun-5 -the same planet as the Viiron. They’re not very smart, and never would have gotten off-world if not for their hated aquatic enemies, the Viiron, offered them a simple deal-the Reef would give them small fighters and basic piloting training, and they would fight whoever the Reef told them to. though many Dhirj now work as the front line of the Reef’s army, some have crash-landed on other worlds, and joined other groups.

The Eylit were the result of an expensive scientific project to create Human 2.0 that happened about 20 years ago. this failed because they improved the Eylit too much. the Eylit became aloof, and often developed mental disorders due to their skulls being too small for their brains. the unstable Eylit have no place or faction to call their own, but are typically found amidst human populations, using their good looks to charm their way into positions of power.

The Klikskith had little care for what might lay beyond the sky. they had made ships to propel themselves up there once, but they discovered that it was nothing but cold and dark up there. so they stayed on their planet, until eventually the Galactic Empire discovered them. the Klikskith were confused by these strange creatures with their soft shells and numerous but drooping antennae. it took some time, and quite a bit of trial and error, but eventually communications between them were established. the Humans told them of worlds beyond theirs, whole galaxies filled with planets and stars. The Klikskith saw this as a perfect opportunity to solve their growing overpopulation problem.
Virtually all Klikskith are part of a Klikskith ‘Hive’, effectively a clan of variable size following their queen’s orders, working to make their Hive the strongest. A few Hives are loyal to the Empire or the Reef, others follow the S’zenaug, the ruling government of the Klikskith Homeworlds, and others still work alone, as mercenary groups or even space pirates.


For the good of Humanity
The Galactic Empire is the

Strike hard and Strike Fast!
The largest guild of mercenaries and assassins. if you’re looking for a hitman or need someplace infiltrated, the Crater (The Meteors intergalactic list of mercenaries) is the best place to look. it’s very rare to find a mercenary who isn’t in the Crater, and impossible to find a larger mercenary organization.
Members of the Meteors follow a simple code-don’t kill a Meteor if you don’t have to. unless two mercenaries have been hired on opposite sides of the same job,(Example: Bodyguard and an Assassin) they’re forbidden to use lethal force on each other. Breaking this rule means immediate expulsion from the Meteors.
It’s difficult, though possible to gain or lose favor with the largely indifferent Meteors. Killing Meteor members without a contract, or refusing to pay a contract will cause you to lose favor, and typically only the highest paying and most frequent customers or the finest mercenaries gain an favor with the guild.
The Crater has a simple ranking system, going from 0-100. a starting mercenary can be anywhere in the range of 30-65, varying based on skill and training, although typically most new mercenaries have around 50. your ranking goes up and down based on how well your jobs go, this also determines how much your price can be.

The Reef will thrive
Not long after the Viiron achieved space travel, their government changed dramatically, and are now the conquesting Reef. The Reef control 90% of the known Rejjum crystal mines, and frequently clash with the Galactic Empire over resources or territory. The Reef have allied with their former enemies, the Dhirj, utilizing them as cannon fodder, and conquered the Taraagu and rule over them oppressively.

Only the strongest Hive survives
Before they became an intergalactic species, the Klikskith had a simple society-Each region had a number of Hives, and the strongest Hive became the ruler until another Hive was stronger. This ‘Survival of the Fittest’ way of choosing leaders persisted even after they became a space-faring race. now, the strongest of the regional leaders becomes the current ruling hive of the Planet.
The S’Zenaug (a very loose translation from Klikskith) do not particularly care about the Galactic Empire or the Reef, as they see themselves as the strongest. however, if that were to change a new stellar war could break out.

To master ourselves and protect our Worlds
Founded by a group of Humans and Zhirox on the planet Kiron, the Sages are devoted to self-mastery, using and creating unarmed (and in some cases, psionic), techniques, and protecting planets from being devastated by the agendas of others. They have little to no qualms about utilizing modern weaponry with their martial arts, but dislike those who terraform or strip mine planets.
They are largely benign, and tend to be very accepting of new members, even if they are returning after leaving the group. however, they do not tolerate murder unless absolutely necessary, and will never work with the Meteors.
Currently, they are trying to get the Reef to leave the Planet Thris, where the Taraagu are being oppressed and the Reef are running a large mining operation for Rejjum crystals.

Various corporations and scientific groups exist as well, each with their own agendas. it’s just that they are not as powerful as the main factions above.


The Stars are Dark Planeshaper