The Technology of Today!
The Availibilities of Various Sciences!

Robotics are a highly developed field of science, and all Automatons are considered to be one of four ‘Classes’.
D-CLASS: (Drone Class) all D-class robots are mindless, and are designed to fill a specific purpose, such as cleaning, maintenance or medical drones.
C-CLASS: (‘Conscious’-Class or Custom-Class) C-Class robots are designed to be sentient, and extremely modular, with a wide variety of modifications and enhancements available to them. there is some controversy over whether or not they should be considered ‘property’, and so many of them are effectively servants or even slaves. there is also the unfortunate affair of hacking. despite extremely sophisticated evolving security systems pre-programmed into them, they do on occasion get hacked, and as such many of them are paranoid about interfacing with unfamiliar computers.
B-CLASS: (Battle-Class) These are burly drones built with the sole purpose of fighting.
A-CLASS: (Apex-Class or Alpha-Class) during the Third Intergalactic War a century ago, the Empire released an experimental weapon-the Apex-Class Automatons. they combine aspects of B and C classes to form an extremely dangerous machine. larger and significantly better equipped than the B-classes, but possessing free-will and intelligence, they are a formiddable foe. they won the battle, but could not be controlled, and, thanks to the ability to transform into small fighters, almost all of them were lost to the Empire. a bounty was quickly placed for any Apex-Class Automatons destroyed, because of their dangerously bloodthirsty, yet cold and calculating minds.

Most Handheld Plasma Devices use Plasma Energy Cells. the stronger the plasma weapon, the more energy is required. (for this reason, plasma miniguns, while theoretically possible, would require enough ammunition to break a wookie’s back. in addition to the fact that the ammunition would take up roughly the same amount of space as a small fighter…oh, and there is no known material that can resist melting from so much plasma firing so rapidly out of each barrel.)
Plasma weaponry is restricted mostly to Pistols, Rifles, and heavy, mounted weaponry.

Everybody loves lasers! lasers are at an all-time peak in popularity. almost everyone has a laser pistol these days. though they are significantly weaker than Plasma, they also require significantly less power, and are far more versatile in terms of power sources.

Nanobots were banned by intergalactic treaty after the Great Assimilation was stopped, by unanimous vote, from virtually every authority figure in known space. Including ones that were NOT part of the Galactic Empire. anyone practicing nano-robotics is to be detained with prejudice.

Pffft. there aren’t other dimensions! the only ones are our universe and SubSpace. there couldn’t possibly be more than that….

Hard light sciences are in their infancy. while there are a few hard light devices availible, (bridges, prototype armor) they have a tendency to explode…or implode. it’s all highly unstable, and extraordinarily expensive.

The modern Faster Than Light Drive transports the ship, and contents into subspace, and then warps back into our universe, all instantaneously. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of power it takes to warp in and out of a separate dimension, Subspace Drives have a limited range. in addition, it is important to have a Subspace Protection Field Projector, to protect the ship and crew from the dangerous properties of Subspace. (Subspace breaks down anything entering it, starting with energy, and then moving on to matter, at an impossibly fast speed. most who enter Subspace with inadequate or nonexistant Subspace Shields don’t ever come back out at all. note that, while the trip is virtually instantaneous, longer distances equal a longer instant, allowing subspace to cause more harm to your ship or crew.) there are even some weapons which utilize the destructive power of subspace! alternatively if you want something less destructive, some devices can convert Subspace particles into energy.
NOTE: the subspace protection generator projects a protection field a few seconds before the ship warps into subspace, as the protection projection only lasts for a few seconds before needing to recharge.

After Laser and Plasma Weaponry came into being, gunpowder weaponry was almost completely abandoned. although you can still acquire such things, they’re very outdated and widely viewed as impractical.

While Power Armors exist, they are not in common use, and instead most people use armors made out of new polymers and alloys, made from materials from across the universe.

of course stasis pods exist, although they’ve been in testing for millenia…it takes a long, long time to determine the maximum duration a lifeform can survive in a stasis pod.

Most spaceships use clean Protonic-Energy to propel themselves forward.
Although, there are some who use Rejjumm reactors, powered by Rejjum crystals, to fuel their ships, which provides a much higher energy output, but requires refueling more frequently than Protonic generators (which only needs to be refueled once every twenty years of average use). Rejjumm reactors, on the other hand, need a new crystal every few days, although this varies based on the size of the crystal.

Yes, Proton Torpedoes exist.

Pfffhaahahahaha, nobody uses THAT sort of thing anymore. do you have any idea how dangerous radiation is? you don’t want to get cancer or something, tumors are disgusting.

NOTE: Radioactive waste will NOT give you superpowers.


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