Each ship has a number of ‘blocks’ of cargo space/docking bay space. an unattatched medium weapon takes up one block, and heavy weapons and fighters take up two. light weapons take up very little space.
The Captain gets to design the ship.
first choose the body of the ship, Omega or Gemini. the big difference is that Omega has a single 6-block storage and a Heavy weapon slot, whereas Gemini has a smaller part that can disconnect and fly around on it’s own. Gemini’s storage space is also divided between these two (4 blocks in the main body, 2 in the secondary)

second, choose whether you want the ship to run on a Protonic reactor or a Rejjum crystal reactor. Protonic reactors provide a steady amount of power, and only need to be refuelled once every 20 years, but Rejjum reactors provide more power output, and need to be replaced every two days of normal usage (significantly more frequently if you’re in combat a lot) However, you can also throw more Rejjum crystals into the reactor for a power boost.
You may purchase more Rejjum crystals. one ship storage block is worth a value of 1.

step 3: choose various systems from below. the ship cannot have a value higher than 9. starting weapons are free.

Food Production:
Blue Jello
value: 0
A Geltainous goop with a vibrant blue hue, containing everything a human needs to survive, and even some things they don’t need at all! it tastes vaguely like Windex mixed with sawdust.
Basic Biocenter
Value: 1
Edible Lichen that grows in little crystal cells? what’ll they think up next!
Value: 2
An automated machine that can produce any type of sandwich you can think of. That being said, it cannot produce anything besides sandwiches.
Uberparticle Food System™
Value: 3
This device looks kind of like a microwave, only instead of bombarding your food with radiation to cook it, the Uberparticle focuses inverse subspace particles into the molecular composition of food. the only downsides are that the food is frequently raw, unprepared, and meat made inside it is often just a shapeless blob.
AutoChef (optional)
Value: 1
This robot, in addition to sporting a glorious chrome chef’s hat, is also the ultimate cook. it can not only make souffles and baked alaskas successfully, but it can cook both AT THE SAME TIME. just make sure the Autochef has access to the proper materials.

Tier I (0)
Tier II (1)
Tier III (2)
Tier IV (3)
Tier V (4)

Subspace Drive
Tier I (0)
Tier II (1)
Tier III (2)
Tier IV (3)
Tier V (4)

Subspace Shield
Tier I (0)
Tier II (1)
Tier III (2)
Tier IV (3)
Tier V (4)

Medium Weapons
Laser Beam
Most of the time these concentrated beams of light are used for mining, but occasionally they are used for war.
Plasma Cannon
It shoots a ball of plasma.
Gatling Laser
most lasers just go Pew. this one goes PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew.

Weapon Mod-Solar Power Cell
rather than your weapon drawing power directly from your ship, you could just strap some solar panels on there and add a battery and let it charge from the sun. unfortunately this makes it less effective further away from stars, but it will work even if your reactors been compromised.
Weapon Mod-Limitless Solar capacitor
So now that you’ve got that nice solar array on your laser beam, you might been thinking that it can only handle so much power, and if you’re close to a star, even if you’re firing constantly, collected energy is being lost, or worse, damaging your weapon! well no more! now when you’re dangerously close to a star, your weapons will potentially be overcharged and become even more dangerous!

Heavy Weapons
Energy Ballista
It utilizes a sort of primitive Subspace drive to launch a spear of plasma at nigh-lightspeeds, penetrating shields. it is a precision weapon, intended to target an individual part of the enemy ship, and won’t cause damage anywhere else.
Proton Torpedoes
Proton Torpedoes disintegrate everything within the explosion, but the explosions are perfectly spherical, making them easily stopped by shields, especially if the enemy ship has one of those new mini shield generators.
Cosmic Warhead
A conventional missile with a Subspace Bomb on the end. careful-Subspace weapons effectively disintegrate things.
Missile Launcher
Just some good, old-fashioned ballistic missiles. Good for blasting the Protons out of someone else’s ship! Ballistic explosives are a lot more erractic, which is much more difficult for shields to deal with.

Fighters (Optional)
Fighters are tiny ships, with a crew of only one or two people, (typically a pilot and a gunner). they can only be equipped with light weapons, are too small to have a Shield Generator, Subspace Drive, or Protonic Reactor. however, they are lighter and generally faster than most ships, require only a very small amount of Rejjon to power their reactors, and can be carried onboard other ships, making them effective as scouts, spies, aiding in combat, or as an emergency escape.
Value: 0
Space: 1 block
Don’t let the high-tech sounding name fool you-the BAL is actually the cheapest and shittiest fighter on the market today. The Hull is literally a single piece of molded transparent plastic, painted a horrible, garish pink color uniformly everywhere except for the front window. if the hull is breached, it’s impossible to do more than patch it without melting and carefully re-connecting the plastic. the built-in laser Pulse Cannon is cripplingly outdated, and cannot be removed without creating a breach in the hull. the ship has no oxygen production, forcing the user(s) to rely on the air contained inside the ship or on whatever oxygen tank(s) they can fit inside of it. the advantages are that they’re dirt cheap, require almost no power, and take up very little space. the engines are the only part of the ship of reasonable quality, and can keep up with many higher-quality fighters. the BAL holds enough space for one person to sit confortably, although a second person can be squeezed in next to them in a pinch.
GE Light Fighter
Value: 1
Space: 1 Block
A simple one-man fighter with a pair of multi-shot burst laser blasters.
GE Standard Fighter
Value: 2
Space: 2 Blocks
A larger fighter with two seperate compartments for the pilot and the gunner. it comes with both a rudimentary auto-pilot and auto-targeting system, so that it could potentially be used by only one person in a pinch. it comes with a Gatling Laser.
F1 Torpedo
Value: 4
Space: 3 blocks long
Among the finest Fighters availible, it’s elegance lies in it’s simplicity. a sturdy, aerodynamic shape, modeled after ancient the ancient naval weaponry of it’s namesake, with the finest armor availible for Fighters, fastest engines, and a small Barrage Rocket Array. additionally, it’s low power consumption means that the tiny, Rejjon reactor that powers the ship fuels it for twice as long as other fighters on the same amount of crystal. it is intended to be a two-man fighter, but it comes with either a basic autopilot or a basic targeting system, so it could be used by a single person. a small storage area could potentially hold a third person if the need should arise.
if being held in the cargo bay of a ship, it takes up a row of 3 blocks.

Cresent Cutter
Value: 3
Space: 3 Blocks long
This is an unusual fighter, in that it has no ranged weaponry. instead it has a large, cresent shaped device that generates a kind of disruption field along the edge and especially on its two points. its primary use is ramming into shields to short the system, which effective against all manner of shields, though sometimes the more powerful ones can short out the fighter as well. The Rejjon reactor is among the most efficient availible, but almost all of that power is used for the blade. that said, while it does not come with any ranged weaponry, it does have a pair of weapon ports along the sides, although you can’t have the blade and the guns on at the same time. it has enough space to comfortable hold two people, and the blade collapses for easier storage (otherwise it would take up sort of a wierd ‘Y’ shape)
Shield Reaver
Value: 5
Space: 3 Blocks Long
??This ship is identical to the standard Cresent Cutter in all ways but one. The Shield reaver
has the added feature of being able to reconfigure itself into a fighting mech with the Cresent divided in half into two Scythe-like arm blades. it has a more versatile power management system, so that when in mech form you could, for example, adjust it so that you had one blade and one gun powered, rather than guns OR blade. the one drawback of the reaver, aside from cost, is that it can only hold one person, and it’s a fairly tight fit.

Other Storage Bay things:
Surface Transit Hovercraft
Space: 2 blocks long
This Hovercraft is…..oh who am I kidding, it’s a Landspeeder, okay?! you hear that lucasfilm?! IT’S A LANDSPEEDER! WITH A ROOF! IT’S A HOVERCRAFT FUSED WITH A HOT ROD! ??
Value: ??
Space: 2 blocks long
??A small percentage (2%) of Surface Trasnsit Hovercrafts have a button hidden below the dash that transforms them into an armored fighting mech with drill hands. nobody knows who created them or where they came from, (certainly not the manufacturers!) attempts to reverse engineer them have revealed them to be perfectly ordinary hovercraft, aside from one small anomaly. there is a small, black metal cube of unknown material connected to said button, and all attempts to open it or access it while the vehicle is transforming have resulted in a violent explosion of subspace particles.

Onboard AI (optional)
Value 0
Imagine this only lime green and semi-transparent.
has a tendency to say ‘Seven’ far too much for anyone’s liking.

Interior (Optional)
LiquiGel™ Doors
Value 1
??These doors are made of a Translucent Blue Fluid that becomes rock solid when any electrical current is supplied. when the door opens, the current shuts off and the liquid is sucked into a tank under the door, then does the opposite to close. the LiquiGel™ liquid is also an incredible flame retardant, preventing fires from spreading in the ship. Also please note that the doors consist of two layers of liquigel, with a normal metal spaceship door inbetween. the liquigel layers can be opened and closed seperately from the metal layer.


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